Adjarian Khachapuri

Adjarian Khachapuri is a mouthwatering Georgian pastry that's as delicious as it is unique. Imagine a boat-shaped bread, freshly baked and still warm, with a crispy, golden exterior. But the real treasure lies inside.

The magic contained in its filling. Once you cut into this delightful bread, you'll discover a gooey, cheesy paradise.

The dough is typically shaped with raised edges, creating a little "pool" in the middle. This "pool" is then filled with a generous amount of suluguni, a semi-soft Georgian cheese known for its tangy and slightly salty flavor.
But that's not all! Just before serving, a fresh egg yolk is placed on top of the cheese, like a golden sun in the center of the bread. You're then encouraged to mix the egg yolk with the hot, melty cheese to create a luscious, creamy, and savory concoction. It's a delightful experience, and the taste is out of this world.
Adjarian Khachapuri is a beloved dish in Georgia and beyond. It's the ultimate comfort food, perfect for any time of the day. Whether you're trying it in a traditional Georgian restaurant or attempting to make it at home, this cheesy delight is sure to win your heart and your taste buds!

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