Akhasheni Wine Resort

The Akhasheni Wine Resort and Spa is a gem in the heart of Georgia's Kakheti region, renowned for its rich winemaking traditions. If you've never heard of this idyllic retreat, you're in for a delightful introduction to the world of Georgian wine and relaxation. Set against the backdrop of the stunning Caucasus Mountains and surrounded by lush vineyards, Akhasheni Wine Resort and Spa offers an authentic experience. The resort's central attraction is its dedication to the art of winemaking.
One of the key highlights of the Akhasheni Resort is the cellar, where you can partake in wine tastings and even engage in the winemaking process. You'll have the opportunity to stomp grapes and learn about the traditional qvevri winemaking method, a UNESCO-recognized cultural heritage.
After indulging in the world of wine, the resort invites you to unwind in its luxurious spa. The spa is equipped with a range of treatments that utilize local, organic ingredients, such as grapeseed oil and Georgian mineral waters. Relaxation here is taken to the next level as you soak in the healing powers of the region's natural resources.
The resort's architecture, resembling a Georgian palace, is a blend of traditional design and modern amenities. Accommodations are spacious, comfortable, and elegantly decorated, ensuring your stay is both restful and culturally enriching.
The Akhasheni Wine Resort and Spa is more than a place to stay, it's a destination where you can savor the flavors of Georgian wine, immerse yourself in centuries-old winemaking traditions, and indulge in a spa experience that harmonizes with the natural surroundings. For travelers looking to explore the magic of Georgian wine culture while enjoying a serene retreat, this resort is an absolute must-visit.

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