Borjomi National Park

Nestled in the Lesser Caucasus Mountains of central Georgia, the Borjomi National Park spans over 85,000 hectares, making it the largest protected area in the country. This park boasts stunning landscapes, from dense forests to alpine meadows and rugged mountain peaks. Various flora and fauna make it a paradise for nature lovers and hikers. Crisscrossed by a network of well-marked hiking trails, the Borjomi park offers visitors the opportunity to explore the natural wonders on foot.
One of the iconic features of Borjomi Park is its lush forests, which are dominated by a mix of deciduous and coniferous trees, including beech, oak, pine, and spruce. These forests are not only visually stunning but also serve as vital habitats for numerous plant and animal species.
The park is also home to several rare and endemic species, including the Caucasian red deer, brown bear, Caucasian tur, and imperial eagle. Birdwatchers will be delighted by the park's avian diversity, which includes species such as the Caucasian grouse, black grouse, and various birds of prey.
In addition to its natural beauty, the park is also home to cultural and historical sites, including ancient churches, fortresses, and traditional villages, providing visitors with a glimpse into Georgia's rich cultural heritage.
For all those seeking outdoor adventures and a chance to reconnect with nature, Borjomi & Kharagauli National Park offers an unforgettable experience amidst some of the most stunning landscapes in the Caucasus region.

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