Enguri Dam

The Enguri Dam is primarily a hydroelectric facility that generates electricity through the utilization of the Enguri River's water flow. It plays a crucial role in providing electricity to the region and the country as a whole.

The Enguri Dam is a significant hydroelectric dam located in the Enguri River Gorge in the Svaneti region of Georgia.

The dam is known for its impressive size. It stands as one of the tallest concrete arch dams in the world, with a height of approximately 271 meters (889 feet). Its massive structure is a testament to engineering ingenuity.
The dam forms the Enguri Reservoir, which is a vast body of water. The reservoir has a substantial capacity and serves multiple purposes, including power generation, water storage, and irrigation.
The construction of the Enguri Dam was a significant engineering achievement. It involved complex planning, design, and construction processes due to the dam's size and location in a challenging geographic area.
The Enguri Dam has contributed to Georgia's energy independence by providing a substantial portion of the country's electricity needs. It has also had an impact on the local economy by creating jobs and supporting the development of infrastructure.
The area around is renowned for its natural beauty, with stunning landscapes and picturesque surroundings.

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