Holy Trinity Cathedral

The Holy Trinity Cathedral, commonly known as Sameba Cathedral, is one of Georgia's most iconic and significant religious landmarks. Located in the heart of the capital city, Tbilisi, this majestic cathedral stands as a testament to the country's deep spiritual heritage and cultural identity.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral is a masterpiece of modern Georgian architecture. It was constructed relatively recently, with the foundation stone laid in 1995 and consecrated in 2004. The cathedral's design draws inspiration from traditional Georgian church architecture while incorporating modern elements, making it a symbol of continuity and renewal.
Sameba Cathedral holds immense spiritual significance for the Georgian Orthodox Church and its followers. The name "Sameba" translates to "Holy Trinity," reflecting the central doctrine of the Christian faith.
Inside the cathedral, you'll find stunning frescoes, intricate iconography, and impressive stained glass windows, all contributing to a sense of spiritual awe and reverence. The cathedral's spacious interior can accommodate hundreds of worshippers and visitors.
One of the highlights of visiting Sameba Cathedral is the panoramic view it offers of Tbilisi. Climb to the cathedral's upper terraces for breathtaking vistas of the city, the Kura River, and the surrounding mountains.
The cathedral complex includes chapels, a theological academy, a clerical seminary, and a residence for the Patriarch. It serves as a hub for religious education, worship, and community events.
While Sameba Cathedral is the spiritual heart of the Georgian Orthodox Church, it warmly welcomes visitors of all backgrounds and faiths. It's a place where you can appreciate not only the architectural and artistic beauty but also the deep-rooted spirituality that defines Georgia's culture.

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