Renommée Restaurant

Renommée Restaurant in Yerevan, Armenia, is an extraordinary gem of fine dining that deserves your attention. It offers a unique experience, especially if you're new to the culinary scene in this vibrant city. Established in October 2021, it may be relatively young but has swiftly emerged as one of Yerevan's top dining destinations.

The reputation of Renommée rests on a foundation of innovation, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to sourcing the finest, freshest ingredients, all served with impeccable hospitality.
Its menu evolves with the seasons, offering a delightful fusion of traditional Armenian cuisine with a modern flair.
Pairing the culinary delights with the right wine is an art, and Renommée excels at it. They offer a thoughtfully curated wine list, featuring the best of Armenian and international wines, perfectly complementing the cuisine.
The restaurant provides an intimate dining atmosphere with only 20 seats, ensuring an exclusive experience. For special occasions, there's a private room available for reservation, adding a touch of luxury to your celebration.
Whether it's a milestone celebration or simply the desire for a memorable dining experience, Renommée Restaurant promises an exceptional journey through Armenian haute cuisine, setting it among Yerevan's finest culinary establishments.

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Contact Information

Head Office
Aram Khachikyan
Phone: +374 9595 1040
Yerevan, Armenia

North American Representation
Carole Baden
New York, NY—USA

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