Sharambeyan Street

Sharambeyan Street is a charming and historic street in the heart of Old Dilijan, Armenia. This street is often considered a cultural and artistic center of this resort town, known for its well-preserved 19th-century architecture and artisan workshops. Sharambeyan Street offers a glimpse into the past, allowing visitors to experience the charm of traditional Armenian architecture and craftsmanship.

Sharambeyan Street is lined with beautifully restored 19th-century buildings, featuring intricate wooden balconies, stone facades, and traditional Armenian design elements. These buildings house various shops, galleries, and workshops.
Sharambeyan Street is home to several museums that showcase Armenian culture and heritage. The most notable is the Old Dilijan Museum, which provides insights into the town's history, lifestyle, and craftsmanship.
Visitors can explore workshops where local artisans practice traditional Armenian crafts, such as pottery, rug making, woodcarving, and blacksmithing. It's a fantastic place to observe skilled craftsmen at work and purchase unique handmade souvenirs.
The street offers a range of cafes and restaurants where you can savor Armenian and international cuisine. It's a pleasant spot to enjoy a meal or a cup of Armenian coffee while immersing yourself in the town's ambiance.
Sharambeyan Street occasionally hosts cultural events, exhibitions, and performances, especially during the tourist season. These events showcase Dilijan's cultural richness and provide entertainment for visitors.
Besides its cultural attractions, the street is set against the backdrop of the lush Dilijan National Park, making it a scenic and tranquil place to stroll.

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